Hymnody School

Welcome to the main page of St. Philopateer’s Hymnody School.
The Third Semester is currently in the making. This page will be updated with details once ready.   We hope to see you all back with all your friends and family. In the meantime, revisit the previous semester through the menu above at any time.

Our church’s hymns are deep prayers and praises, full of beautiful symbolisms and and melodies alike heaven itself. Let’s all come together and participate with the angels!
We strongly encourage you all to attend with your whole family!

Class Structure

The class will consist of two parts:
 General Session: As we are accustomed to, Abouna Benyameen will teach a series on a great topic, TBD!
 Hymns Lesson: Finally, we will close with our hymnody class. As usual, our sources will be Cantor Ibrahim Ayad and the Higher Institute of Coptic Studies.



Although completely optional, all participants are encouraged to memorize the list below. You can do it in any language you prefer unless otherwise indicated. We do this to help enhance our participation in both your personal and liturgical prayers and help us be more engaged during the different services.
Because this is an extra activity on top of the classes, those who excel in memorizing some or all of these parts will be rewarded with valuable trophies. Whenever you think you have memorized any of these prayers, let your teacher know. You can do one prayer after the other throughout the semester without particular due date assigned to any of them. The only due date is the end of the semester.
Memorization list:

Questions or Comments?

We welcome all feedback! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please send us an email by clicking on the button below.